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IAMWILD is the future of conservation

We believe Art & Beauty have the power to
Create Conversation, Foster Collaboration
and Transform Conservation.


IAMWILD is a global platform
for transforming conservation

We are creating a new sustainable business model for the protection of wild ecosystems around the world: driven by experience; embedded in culture & collaboration; powered by commerce.

Driven by Experience

The IAMWILD Mobile Museum is an immersive multi-sensory experience that takes visitors through 24 hours in the life of Sable Island.  It will highlight over 100 images and videos of the Wild Horses of Sable Island as captured by Roberto Dutesco, as well as interactive projections and virtual reality experience.  Designed by BEMaa Studio Milan and built in Bridgeport, Connecticut the mobile museum is built as a fast-deploying, low-impact and sustainable single pod - that can travel and be combined in any number to create a bigger experience.

Embedded in Culture & Collaboration

IAMWILD is a global platform of participation and collaboration for artists, creators and forward thinkers. It is a place where leaders come together to raise awareness for all that is wild – The first expression of this platform is through the unique experience of the Horses of Sable Islandas photographed by Roberto Dutesco. Our intention is to extend this concept further to highlight other endangered species around the world, and integrate work done by other artists.

Powered by Commerce.

The IAMWILD platform includes the IAMWILD Gallery, the mobile museum, films, books, merchandise, licensing partnerships with brands and retailers, eCommerce, web, mobile and social touch points. By shifting the model away from donations to art, merchandise and experience, we create a new paradigm for conservation initiatives and make it easier for all to take action.

IAMWILD Gallery Soho, NY

Visit the IAMWILD Soho Gallery
64 Grand St. New York, NY

Products with a purpose

Every piece of IAMWILD merchandise you purchase has a direct impact on conservation initiatives. This is because 25% of the profits of all our products go directly to local and global charitable organizations.

Visit the IAMWILD STORE today

Every time you wear IAMWILD, you start a conversation and become part of the community that will transform how we protect all that is wild.

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eCommerce store

Our eCommerce store will serve to accelerate revenue,
as well as limit our need for on premise merchandise.

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Licensing Agreements

Licensing agreement will enable us to extend our reach and impact,
by enabling IAMWILD products to be sold in partners retail presence and product lines. 

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Sustainability at the core

All partnerships will include a clause regarding eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing, materials and packaging.

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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

As the exhibits travel around the world, local manufacturing will be favored to reduce the carbon impact from transportation.

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Design you want to wear

We aim to create partnerships with leading designers and create products you will not just buy but also wear.


IAMWILD Mobile Museum Launch
Zuma Beach,Malibu, California
September - November 2017

IAMWILD Mobile Museum Global Experience

  As a global platform for participation and collaboration, following the initial launch in Malibu, a full North American run will visit major cities across the US, Canada and Mexico. In 2018 the experience will launch parallel shows across key cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa & The Middle East. At the 2020 World Fair in Dubai, multiple pods will be brought together to create a unique extended experience.

2017-2019 Malibu, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego
2018-2019 NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Miami, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, Mexico City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver
2018-2020 After the North American run, the IAMWILD experience launches shows across Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa & Middle East
2020 For the 2020 Dubai World Fair, Multiple pods will come together to create a new and unique extended experience

A Platform with a Real Impact


Transformation starts with action and just as important education. Our contributions support three main causes:
- Direct donations to local and global charitable organizations focused on conservation
- Building schools in developing countries, like the Wild Horses of Sable Island kindergarten in Piyungan, Indonesia
- Creating wildlife education programs for the next generation of leaders

So wear IAMWILD and start the conversation that will transform how we protect all that is wild.

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While the first expression of IAMWILD is about the unique experience of the Horses of Sable Island, as captured by Roberto Dutesco, the platform will integrate other species and works by other artists. 

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The Journey to Sable Island


Years of History






22 Year Journey

  • “Roberto’s photos have the ability to capture the spirit and
    soul of the subject for the viewer. For me, it’s like being there.”

    Donna Karan

Project History


The Journey Begins

Roberto's 22 year photographic odyssey to Sable Island begins. Returning to Sable Island twice in three years Roberto captures the images that are shown in shows at the National Arts Club, The United Nations in NYC, a three city block exhibit in downtown Montreal, The World Expo in Japan. In 2005 Roberto starts working on the next phase of his project.


An experience brought to life

The Sable Island Gallery in NYC is opened in 2006 and is dedicated exclusively to the Wild Horses of Sable Island. Soon after, The Sable Island Gallery was named “one of the 50 art places one must visit” by Art Architecture Design. In 2007 Roberto's journey is captured in the BRAVO documentary Chasing Wild Horses,  and  distributed in over 30 countries. Roberto's work is show in exhibits in East Hampton, NYC, Amsterdam and Washingon DC. Charitable proceeds from Roberto’s art raise over one million dollars for multiple education and conservation causes, including the building of a kindergarten in Piyungan, Indonesia


Building Momentum

Roberto publishes his first limited edition book The Wild Horses of Sable Island and produces successful exhibits and installations in Paris, Lyon, Crozet - France, Hong Kong, Melbourne, NY, Halifax and Kansas. In 2014  Te Neus publishes Roberto,s second book about the Horses of Sable island.  The 1st edition of 6000 books sells out in 12 months.  The 2nd edition is published in 5 languages and available worldwide. The Wild Horses of Sable Island Gallery is currently the longest running single themed show in New York City.


A new vision is born

From this 22 year journey emerged the conviction that art & beauty have the power to create conversation, foster collaboration and transform conservation . In 2016  IAMWILD is launched as a global platform for artists, creators and forward thinkers; a new sustainable business model for the protection of wild ecosystems around the world.


IAM WILD Mobile Museum Launch, Malibu, California

The IAMWILD Mobile Museum will launch at the world famous Zuma Beach, in Malibu, California.  The show will create an immersive experience into 24hours on Sable Island.  It will highlight over 100 images, a new film, interactive projections and virtual reality installations, featuring the Wild Horses of Sable Island as captured by Roberto Dutesco.